Do you dream of being a part of a makeup team, having a career in the movies, or  owning your own business as a professional makeup artist?

  • Runway/Designer Fashion Shows
  • Photography
  • Model/Agency
  • Magazine/Editorial
  • Bridal/Weddings
  • Client/Lessons
  • Film/Movies
  • Intro to Journeyman Makeup Artist Non-Union
  • Union Makeup Artist
  • Video/Music
  • Commercial/Advertisement
  • Cosmetic Brand/Consultant
  • Freelance/Entrepreneur

If you answered yes, to any of these choices, then you have found the right place to prepare you for all of them.


We are a privately owned business established in 2004 in the city of Rancho Cucamonga, California known as lebec cosmetics.  In 2009 we moved our location to Ontario, California with a new business name lebec makeup atelier/LMA.  As one of the only makeup schools in the Inland Empire we became well-known for the quality of professionally trained makeup artist. We are proud to continue to strive for excellence in our services and the makeup artistry training.  As owner/founder Lebec DeWeese is an expert educator and training specialist who has successfully certified over 60 makeup artist in her studio.  These artist have not hesitated in pursuing jobs in all media to cosmetic brands,  independent freelancers and entrepreneurs.  Lebec studies each student to ensure they are knowledgeable and well prepared to begin a career in makeup artistry.

We encourage all makeup artist to expand their careers by participating in public networking, workshops, events, beauty and fashion shows that strengthen confidence and promote experience.  As a makeup artist you will always want more inspiration and motivation to stimulate your creative energy in “The Art of  Makeup”  it will continue to be an endless journey waiting for you to discover it!

  1. an official document attesting a certain fact, in particular.

Lebec DeWeese

Owner/Creative Director/Hair/Makeup Artist/Training Specialist  

Lebec,  believes in being a teacher with facts, not opinion. She continues to work in the industry and feels it’s a priority to be an active participant in all areas of beauty.  Her strong belief shows in her continued work experience, which elevates the student in a unique way.  Students will be inspired to gain the wealth of knowledge from a mentor with a resume they would be proud to call their own. Click to view portfolio  Lebec DeWeese

Ledora D. Carasca

Special Effects/FX/Character/Design/Hair/Makeup Artist/Educator

Age is just a number; it does not define or limit the ability to teach an in-depth knowledge of special effects FX makeup artistry in lecture, theory and hands on makeup application.  Ledora, embodies the years of an old soul and has the ability to educate and train students beyond a pretty complexion.  Her strong sense of direction and detail are very apparent in her course syllabus and instructional format. She has 6 years of experience to date working her way up from assistant, apprentice, junior to senior makeup artist to being the protegé to Lebec. Click to view portfolio  Ledora D Carasca


lebec makeup atelier
211 W. Emporia Street
Ontario, CA 91762
Business Cell Text or Call (909) 702-0902

lebec makeup atelier/LMA is an intimate studio space with minimal square footage, yet size has proven to be irrelevant due to the quality of our well-trained professional makeup artist that are taught in “THE ART OF MAKEUP”.  We are unique in our makeup artistry training to customize and cater to the needs of the student. Who maybe new to doing their own makeup and makeup artistry, to the advanced makeup artist who wants to upgrade their skill level.


Please do not be shy! After all you need to step out of your comfort zone to explore your own personal creativity!  

Meet Lebec,  the main instructor who will answer any questions good or bad about the pro’s & con’s of being a MAKEUP ARTIST!!  

Text or call Lebec 909-702-0902 leave your name and return phone number to set up a day & time to discuss all options. 

Let’s be real your learning begins from the first contact with Lebec, who is no stranger to life and welcomes all to her studio for a private personalized training program for the individual STUDENT.  

START DATE:  Will be set after the interview and acceptance has been granted.

CLASS SCHEDULE:  Each schedule is customizable to the availability of the student and gives the freedom to maintain a job or other prior commitments while training.

CLASS SIZE:  1 to 4 student artist ensures an exclusive and personal learning experience.

PORTFOLIO BUILDING:  All students receive via email before, during and after photographs of their daily class training session.  A necessity to studying the progress of their work from the start to the Final Photo Shoot and Certification Day.

PAYMENT METHOD:  Cash, Money Order or Cashier Check