Do you dream of being a part of a makeup team, having a career in the movies, or  owning your own business ?

Working on:

  • Runway/Designer Fashion Shows
  • Photography
  • Model/Agency
  • Magazine/Editorial
  • Bridal/Weddings
  • Client/Lessons
  • Film/Movies Journeyman Makeup Artist Non-Union
  • Union Makeup Artist
  • Video/Music
  • Commercial/Advertisement
  • Cosmetic Brand/Consultant
  • Freelance/Entrepreneur

If you answered yes, to any of these choices, then you have found the right place to prepare you for all of them.

Established in 2004 as lebec cosmetics in Rancho Cucamonga, CA with a name and location change in 2009 to lebec makeup atelier/LMA, the business emerged as the lead makeup school in the Inland Empire.  As an expert educator and training specialist Lebec has successfully certified over 100 professional makeup artist who are proudly working in the beauty industry. These artist have not hesitated in pursuing all media for cosmetic brands, freelancers and entrepreneurs.  Lebec studies each student artist/s to ensure they become a knowledgeable and well prepared makeup artist eager to begin a career. 

We encourage a makeup artist to expand their careers with participation in public networking, workshops, events, beauty and fashion shows that strengthen confidence and promote experience.  As a makeup artist, you will always want more inspiration and motivation to stimulate your creative energy in “The Art of  Makeup”  it will be an endless journey waiting for you to discover it!!!

  1. an official document attesting a certain fact, in particular.

Lebec DeWeese

Owner/Creative Director/Hair/Makeup Artist/Training Specialist  

Lebec,  believes in being a teacher with facts, not opinion. She continues to work in the industry and feels it’s a priority to be an active participant in all areas of beauty.  Her strong belief shows in her continued work experience, which elevates the student in a unique way.  Students will be inspired to gain the wealth of knowledge from a mentor with a resume they would be proud to call their own. Click to view portfolio  Lebec DeWeese

Ledora D. Carasca

Special Effects/FX/Character/Design/Hair/Makeup Artist/Educator

Age is just a number; it does not define or limit the ability to teach an in-depth knowledge of special effects FX makeup artistry in lecture, theory and hands on makeup application.  Ledora, embodies the years of an old soul and has the ability to educate and train students beyond a pretty complexion.  Her strong sense of direction and detail are very apparent in her course syllabus and instructional format. She has 5 years of experience to date working her way up from assistant, apprentice, junior to senior makeup artist to be the protegé to Lebec. Click to view portfolio  Ledora D Carasca


lebec makeup atelier
211 W. Emporia Street
Ontario, CA 91762
Business Cell Text or Call (909) 702-0902

LMA  (lebec makeup atelier) is an intimate studio space with minimal square footage, yet has proven to be irrelevant due to the quality of our well-trained professional makeup artist that are taught in “THE ART OF MAKEUP”.  Known by reputation and unique customized catered program for the beginner and the makeup artist who seeks to advance or upgrade their skill level.


Please do not be shy! After all you need to step out of your comfort zone and see what is POSSIBLE in the ART of MAKEUP!  

Meet Lebec,  the main educator/instructor/mentor who will answer any questions good or bad about the pro’s & con’s of being a MAKEUP ARTIST !!  

Text or call Lebec 909-702-0902 leave your name and return phone number to set up a day & time to discuss all options. 

Let’s be real your learning begins from the first contact with Lebec, who is no stranger to life and welcomes all to her studio for a private personalized training program for the individual STUDENT.  

START DATE & CLASS SCHEDULE:  Will be set after the interview and acceptance has been granted upon the agreement of either a full payment or payment arrangement.  All schedules are customized to give the freedom to balance a job or other prior commitments while training.

CLASS SIZE: 1 to 4 student artist ensures an exclusive and personal learning experience. Upon completion of theory students begin the hands on experience applying makeup to their face model.

PORTFOLIO BUILDING: All students receive via email before, during and after photographs of their daily class training session.  A necessity to studying the progress of their work from the start to the Final Photo Shoot and Certification Day.

PAYMENT METHOD:  Cash, Money Order or Cashier Check


COURSE DURATION: 4 months (16 weeks) 

COURSE FEE $2,800.00


Orientation Day Registration Fee: $500.00 NON-REFUNDABLE this will be applied to the remaining balance of your Professional Makeup Artistry Certification Training. 

  • Option 1:  Weekly payment plan due every Friday, $143.75 (16 Week Plan) Total Amount Paid $2,300.00
  • Option 2:  Monthly payment plan due every 1st of the month, $575.00 ( 4 Month Plan) Total Amount Paid $2,300.00.

LATE FEE:  All students are subject to applied late fee for delinquent payments and are responsible to notify Lebec prior to occurrences and our subject to rules and regulations agreement.
30 days 5%
60 days 10%


lebec makeup atelier uses the best quality cosmetics for the student artist/s to use in studio for the hands on training sessions. Learning about the quality versus quantity will be included in the theory portion of the training curriculum. Also a miscellaneous list will be issued for items that the student/s will purchase to begin preparation as freelance and location makeup artist.

“I am highly sensitive to many things so when creating my line it was important that I myself could wear all of it. And most important that it could be used for all media and is a consumer friendly product. It can be used on all skin types/tones, ethnic and age groups.” – Lebec


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Student/s will learn the different stages of a makeup design and application as they acquire the necessary knowledge, method, techniques to develop their makeup artistry. Begin to understand what session hair styling is and the importance of completing a full service for their client or model. This program is equivalent to any Journeyman Makeup Artistry Program offered for working as a non-union makeup artist for film and television. And will prepare a makeup artist to begin the process of acquiring the necessary steps to apply for a union makeup artist application with the exception of its criteria.

An in-depth theory of product knowledge and the essential fundamentals in a lecture format of Q & A will be given during training and note taking. Hands on experience will commence once all theory is completed. This will move the student into another level of understanding of how to profile a model or client, and begin to collaborate ideas of the makeup design and application. All artist will receive before, during and after photos of their face models to begin observing their progress through unedited and raw images, along with the process of portfolio building. Daily progress reports are given during the training to ensure the artist understands all given methods, techniques while having the opportunity to discuss important experiences throughout the training.


Educator/Teacher Lebec DeWeese

Creative Learning Environment

Entrance examine questioner will be given.

DAY 1 – Theory – Product Knowledge, Building your professional makeup kit, Working with mediums.

DAY 2 – Theory – History of Makeup/Time Period/Eras.

DAY 3 – Theory – Skin Types, Pre-Existing, Conditions, Ethnicities, Hygiene/Safety/FDA and more.

DAY 4 – Theory – Face Anatomy, Bone Structure, Features & more.

DAY 5 – Theory – Eye & Lip Shapes and Types, Eye Brow Shapes/Types. Learn about your makeup brushes, tools and accessories

Hands On Model Profiling and Applications.

Location setup and sanitation for artist work space.

On set etiquette and learning to interact with other professionals.

Create your own company by doing a presentation with an inspiration board of your store and cosmetic product line with the introduction to you and your business.

Learn to master face shaping by use of varied examples of highlighting and contouring methods.

Enhancement Makeup Design – Clean/Natural Beauty, Color Correcting/Neutralizing uneven skin tone/camouflage

Day Makeup Design – Adding matte color tones/shades to your makeup design. Applying custom fit eye lashes and individual eye lashes.

High Definition Makeup Design – Introduction to runway makeup design, working with pigments, glitters and more.

Editorial Makeup Design – Introduction to glamour, red carpet and celebrity makeup designs and applications.

Basic Session Hair Styling (Cosmetologist License not required for session styling)

Learning about photo shoots, commercial and advertising makeup design/applications.

Special Event Bridal Makeup Design & more.

Male Makeup Application (Grooming, Drag, Character)

Perfecting Eye Liner Techniques.

Pigment, Color Placement.

Natural Light versus Studio Light knowledge in Photography.

Review on all learnt methods and techniques. Q & A session between Lebec and Student Artist. Critique and Progress Report. Q & A on your career path.

Time Line Period Makeup Design and Application

Color Theory – Hue, Shade, Gradient, Gray Scale.

Animation & Cartoon Makeup Design and Application

Working with an Artistic or Creative Director

Fashion Runway, Print and Editorial Makeup Design and Application

Development of your Business, Marketing & Networking.

Introduction to Special Effects FX makeup applications learn how to create a variety of bruises, scratches, cuts, open wounds and burns. Through observation of their work students will understand what makes any character come to life. Gain knowledge on how to study and document the first impact through the healing process.

Character Design Makeup Application

Photo Shoot – artist creates their own interpretation of a story board.

Final Pro Beauty Photo Shoot

*FIELD WORK: Makeup Artist will be required to practice outside of the studio to strengthen their understanding and abilities, such as following directions by assisting in events, productions, art walks, etc. By doing so this is considered to be job experience and may be added to a resume and ensures the artist to have acquired experience and qualifies for future opportunities in the field. The student will use their current knowledge by applying makeup applications for a hands on experience, to establish confidence in their skill level. Also a student will be ask to do face models at home for hands on practice in all areas of their current learning techniques and methods, this is highly suggested and recommended.