COURSE FEE: $3,000.00

Duration of Program: 5 months (20 weeks)1 Day Per Week (4 hrs.) Weekly/Weekend Classes Available

Orientation Day Registration Fee: $500.00 A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. This fee will secure the students placement in the LMA program. The remaining balance $2,500.00 will be offered in the following options below. Students may pay more to the remaining fee and the option plan will be adjusted as needed.

All students will be ask to take before, during and after photos using their cell phones. Teachers will also be taking photos for the students to understand their progress from entrance, during and completion of their training. Students will have access to our data base of google documents for review and reference.

Makeup by LMA ELITE
(IG @helen_n_beauty)
Model (IG @jordnjohnsonn)
Photography (IG @jaironaut @javie_guerrero)
Makeup by LMA Elite: Stefanie Guerra
(IG: @stefanieguerra)
Photography: Erich Chen

How to enroll

A phone evaluation will determine what areas can be included in your training. Lebec will be advising the students on how to upgrade your knowledge and skills as a professionally advanced makeup artist.

Students will undergo an over the phone evaluation similar to the interview process that is held in studio for placement in the customized course syllabus which will vary per student. Once this has been discussed with the teachers and student, a course syllabus will be created covering mandatory knowledge of the current curriculum combined with areas of interest of each student.

Makeup by Jed Olmedo
(IG @gutter.soft)


Highlight and Contouring

Reshaping and Restructure of the face anatomy

Understanding features of the face

Complexion Skin Types & Conditions

Classic Beauty Makeup Application

Evening & Glamour Makeup Design and Application

Working with an Artistic or Creative Director

HD Photography Makeup Design and Application

Commercial Advertising Makeup Design

Editorial & Fashion Makeup

Fashion Runway Editorial Makeup Design

Time Line Period Makeup Design and Application

Icons, Celebrity, Drag Queens

Indie Film & Video

Character Development

Understanding a script & storyboard

Building a continuity log

Understanding Video and Film Makeup Applications


Makeup by LMA Elite: Stephanie Bale (@stephohs)
Photography: John Hawkins

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