Wedding Day Bliss @LMA




Flashback to those incredible moments spent with the bride.

The moment where she and you realize it is a time of anticipation.

A new beginning in a person’s life.

Here are some behind the scene candid unedited photos that capture the magic of hair and makeup.



Rocky Horror Picture Show @LMA




Well, let’s just say we had a fun night at the Art Walk in March 2016….

We celebrated LMA Elite Makeup Artist Ledora’s 18th birthday along with her selected models and friends.

Her chosen theme was The Rocky Horror Picture Show from the original film…

She was in charge of the concept and complete visuals including costume, hair and makeup design along with the application..

Here are a few photos from that special night!!

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Flashback to the Masters @LMA

The Masters Art Makeup Certification Day

This is one for the records folks. What an incredible girl power talent duo!!

Go team LMA Ledora D. Carasca and Alice R. Fregroso.

On this particular day like many of my final photo shoot days with my makeup artistry trainings. They are all planned and discussed prior to the day’s event, what is the inspiration or look the makeup artist is selecting. Who will be the model or models, what will the costumes be, how will the hair be styled and so on.

And like any other training day the artist will always be ready for the unexpected. Which of course did not let us down. Ledora’s model canceled which left her with no other choice but to be the model and makeup artist.

And the talent of Alice transforming her sister into the Johnny Depp character of Sweeny Todd from the Tim Burton film was outstanding.

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Makeup Artist @LMA

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Halloween on your mind? @LMA


Coming Soon!!!

Halloween Workshops for Moms, guys and gals!!

Need some helpful tips & tricks!

Learn how to and what to do.

With the simple magic of product, color and placement.

For your beauty, fantasy or zombie blood and gore “Halloween Night Shenanigans”!!

Text hashtag #black&blue, #beautyindeath, #bloodbath to LMA Elite Artist Ledora 909-284-2399

Halloween Workshops for September 2016 

Sunday, September 11 – Black & Blue

1:00pm to 2:30pm  (90 minutes) Fee: $20.00 #black&blue

Sunday, September 18 – Beauty in Death 

1:00pm to 2:30pm  (90 minutes) Fee: $20.00 #beautyindeath

Sunday, September 25 – Blood Bath 

1:00pm to 2:30pm  (90 minutes) Fee: $20.00 #bloodbath

Makeup & product will be provided.

Bring what you have in fantasy, fx/special effects products if you like.

Want to purchase your own ask for a list of products that can be purchased online at Amazon or makeup stores.

Cash Only Payments

Buy 3 Halloween Workshops for $60.00 and get a special offer $5.00 off you pay $55.00

PAYPAL payments accepted through Lebec please text for processing information at 909-702-0902 please refer to Halloween Workshop payment/s.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!!!