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Hi There, my name is Lebec the owner/founder of lebec makeup atelier. I take pride in my company and the services I provide to my personal clients and in the ongoing professional makeup art certificate training program!

If you want to be treated as an individual and seek someone to mentor you!  Look no further I am the one for you! Text or contact me via 909-702-0902 and let’s talk about how to begin your career in makeup artistry!! Check my Instagram for more photos on the current happenings at lebec makeup atelier!!

Can not wait to hear from you!!


Sandra E. Artist Pro Body Painter @LMA


Sandra E. Artist is an illusionist!!

Her epic imagination to transform the physical body into a visual canvas.

Watching her paint every stroke with precision and thoughtful placement. Studying as she adds each color in array of magical movement.

To learn from someone who puts more than basic instruction and technical methods, with passion on how to feel the movement of every brush gliding across the flesh is a window in to the mind of Sandra E. Artist.

I am proud to say she is featured here at lebec makeup atelier as a permanent guest Educator/Mentor/Artist.

A must for anyone wanting to step out of the norm and explore the world of body painting contact Lebec for more information 909-702-0902



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Makeup Artist/Hairstylist/Mentor


Founder of lebec makeup atelier

Hi,  I am Lebec DeWeese

Am I the BEST makeup artist? NO! Why? Because we are ALL the BEST at what we do every day & time, that we CREATE!!

Learn to understand the knowledge behind cosmetics, brands, labels, packaging and endless resources.

Practice methods, techniques time and time again.

Always have an open heART and mind to others.

Never stop inspiring and motivating one another.

And YES one day you will look back and agree with my answer of “Am I the BEST makeup artist? NO! Why? Because we are ALL the BEST at what we do every day & time, that we CREATE!!

Are you INSPIRED? Call me and enroll to the creative program PRO BEAUTY MAKEUP ART CERTIFICATE TRAINING. 909-702-0902 TEXT OR CALL leave your name & contact number!!

Flashback to the Masters @LMA

The Masters Art Makeup Certification Day

This is one for the records folks. What an incredible girl power talent duo!!

Go team LMA Ledora D. Carasca and Alice R. Fregroso.

On this particular day like many of my final photo shoot days with my makeup artistry trainings. They are all planned and discussed prior to the day’s event, what is the inspiration or look the makeup artist is selecting. Who will be the model or models, what will the costumes be, how will the hair be styled and so on.

And like any other training day the artist will always be ready for the unexpected. Which of course did not let us down. Ledora’s model canceled which left her with no other choice but to be the model and makeup artist.

And the talent of Alice transforming her sister into the Johnny Depp character of Sweeny Todd from the Tim Burton film was outstanding.

Want to know more on how you to can join the LMA Certified Alumni of quality makeup artist?

Contact Lebec via text or call 909-702-0902

Joker & Harley @LMA

LMA ELITE Makeup Artist Ledora brought her vision to life with the complete design of the new Suicide Squad movie characters Joker & Harley. With the help of photographer Garrett @dreamwakestudios . . .

Every makeup artist and artist of all kinds have their own interpretation of ART!!

Start a career in Makeup Artist & create your own master pieces!!

Learn more contact Lebec via text or call 909-702-0902