Yin and Yang 2017

Yin and Yang 1Yin and Yang 2Yin and Yang 3

From left Sandra E. Artist, center makeup artist Ledora D. Carasca, right Lebec

Collaboration between Artist’s will always inspire the soul!!!

To achieve greatness one has to step out of their comfort zone and become one with their surroundings and fellow peers.

Cheers to the end of 2017!!! Happy New Year 2018 mentor, inspire and motivate others to be who they are meant to be!!


Makeup License


Pictured Lebec owner/founder/PROMUA/Hairstylist lebec makeup atelier

As a professional hairstylist and makeup artist it is well-known the battle continues on the subject of a freelance makeup artist! I continue to express it is mandatory to be informed with facts not someone’s opinion. Be informed on your career as a Makeup Artist.

In my training program I make sure I am giving the latest information to date. And to add to any career continue your education. It makes you the expert at what you do best.

Expand your knowledge and add that extra touch to your service either as a Esthetician or Cosmetology you will be surprised of your success!!

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Hi There, my name is Lebec the owner/founder of lebec makeup atelier. I take pride in my company and the services I provide to my personal clients and in the ongoing professional makeup art certificate training program!

If you want to be treated as an individual and seek someone to mentor you!  Look no further I am the one for you! Text or contact me via 909-702-0902 and let’s talk about how to begin your career in makeup artistry!! Check my Instagram for more photos on the current happenings at lebec makeup atelier!!

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