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Thank you to all the many talented creative teams past and present Rusk Inc., Drew Tal, Michael Odell, Jr West, Michael Maddox, and the many other professionals that have been apart of my success throughout the years.
Copyright lebec makeup atelier 2004 / Lebec Photographer 2003


Lebec formed her company after several years in the fashion and beauty industry. She is a longtime veteran who has been behind the scenes on many events and production.

Lebec started her career straight out of high school in 1976. Her journey began with Fine Arts in college which led to “the art of hair” cosmetology. Lebec’s, education and training formed a strong identity for her and by the year of 1979 she, had acquired work experiences in the corporate and independent hair salons. She owned and operated her own full service hair salon in Covina, Ca.

“Education is fact and power. It confirms what you know and motivates you to learn what you haven’t. I continue to acquire knowledge from all types of learning experiences, not only for my personal growth but to stay on point with what is available for the individuals seeking training.” – Lebec.

She joined Irvine and Louise Rusk in 1989. Since then she has created and applied her makeup designs for many of their press releases, campaigns, product launches, educational & training videos and theatrical stage performances.  www.rusk1.com

Her resume speaks for itself. She has worked with top modeling agencies and fashion designers such as Betsey Johnson, Mossoni, Mary McFadden and Jones of New York. She was recruited to head the Shu Uemura cosmetics flagship boutique in Soho New York in 2000. Mr. Shu Uemura is an iconic legend and has influenced the cosmetic industry as it is seen today.

Her seventeen years in New York City paved the way for Lebec to pursue and accomplish all her goals and dreams as a Professional Makeup Artist and industry leader.  She has been recognized for her expertise and hands on experience to train staff for an optimum retail sales environment, to create and lead a makeup team for the fashion and beauty industry.

Quotes by Lebec; SUCCESS is a word, AGE is number, LIFE is to live.

“I love what I do…to share it with the aspiring or working makeup artist is a rewarding opportunity. Having over 30 years in this industry gives me a lot of insight for others to gain from. I enjoy giving back to my artist and clients since they continue to inspire me too. I look forward to building a foundation with new makeup artists. Regardless of their status in the industry my goal is to showcase them and their work. To be a company that celebrates their efforts by recognizing their goals and achievements.” – Lebec

Lebec DeWeese Training Specialist for LMA Artist

My key responsibilities are to conduct an interview with potential students for the acceptance in the varied programs offered by lebec makeup atelier LMA Artist. Evaluate their current knowledge and level of skills to enable them to gain the necessary methods and techniques to advance them in their careers. To educate the novice to the skilled makeup artist in theory, period and current makeup design for the general consumer or industry requirements for all media. This is accomplished by mentor-ship and development of each attendee in order to give them a customized training experience.

LMA Certificate and NON-Certificate Programs
-Pro Beauty Makeup Art Certificate Training
-Masters Art Makeup Training Certification

I have been the creator of the course syllabus for all levels of the training programs here at LMA and I have effectively proven the ability to provide guidance, instructions, product knowledge and training in the most visually and audibly-stimulating manner. Demonstrated the ability to develop creative, challenging, informative and fun ways to deliver training and educational information with an exceptional ability in make-up applications, organization skills, excellent customer service, public speaking and acquired years of experience in leading a team.

Known by many as the Simon Cowell and Gordon Ramsey for her tough love. Lebec, is PASSIONATE. Her goal is to see others in the industry receive all the recognition for their hard work. A strong belief that ACTION  is louder than WORDS.  She is determined to produce the QUALITY  in an artist for the opportunity to stand apart from the MASS.  She acquired an esteem reputation for her work while in New York City and she is proud to have been acknowledged by her peers.  It is NOT about ME. It’s about a TEAM!

Lebec DeWeese Professional Web Site click here


Tommy Aucoin

Artist, Communicator, Trainer, Stylist, Visionary

Lebec is truly a master of beauty and a skilled artist in every sense of the word. Her creativity and vision is second to none and a pleasure to experience.

August 26, 2014, Tommy worked directly with Lebec at Rusk Inc.

Drew Tal          Photographer NY, New York

Official Web Site drewtal.com

hello gorgeous!!!!
As you know, I do all the make up on the computer for the last 15 years. Simply because: NO HUMAN CAN REPLACE YOU, LEBEC!!!!!!!
January 22, 2010 Drew Tal worked with Lebec in New York City.

Douglas Bielanski

National Director of Education- US Prestige Beauty at Procter & Gamble

Boutique Manager – New York, NY
Shu Uemura Cosmetics “Lebec is an outstanding manager. She is organized, positive, and always inspires her staff. Lebec has a great leadership style, she keeps focus and motivates her staff to see the big picture. Lebec is a leader and visionary. Creative and elegant”.
February 25, 2010, Douglas managed Lebec indirectly at Shu Uemura Cosmetics

Sandra YU

Director of Education for SCREEN USA at SCREEN Italy

“Lebec is the most talented makeup artist I have ever known. She understands colors and faces and put together the best stage presence for any presentation. Highly recommends her positive ways and be the best she can be all the time. Lebec Makeup Atelier is the complete makeup line for anyone. You do not need to look anywhere else”.
March 11, 2010, Sandra worked directly with Lebec at lebec makeup atelier.

Hair By Nico “Making The World a Better Place One Haircut at a Time”

Official Web Site Hair By Nico

“The high caliber of her work has taken my work portfolio to the next level. In the numerous times I’ve had the privilege to work with Lebec there’s has been not much need for planning, it is like we know each others minds when it comes to any concept we come up with for our work. She’s highly team oriented allowing freedom for creativity to flow. Her craftsmanship is superb and she loves to take her work to it’s ultimate limit”.

She’s been family to me since the first time we met, She’s been a great encourager, I have much to thank her for my business and work is benefited richly by all her support and genuine constructive advice.

Her business mind and positive way of looking at life is what I know has enabled her to offer a successful future to anyone that has put a footstep in her academy. I’ve worked with many of her students and I’ve been blown away by their detailed artistry and approach of excellence that she’s pored in their lives with her ability to educate.

The Lebec Make Up Atelier is a place like no other, if make up is your passion, this is definitely a place for you…
July 14, 2009, HairbyNico was Lebec’s client


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