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The Artist’

As I, Lebec DeWeese, sat in silence watching my daughter, LMA Makeup Artist Ledora D. Carasca, prepare for her makeup design I wondered what would take place in watching her create her interpretation of a vision. Carefully setting up her station, in my mind I thought “NO! That won’t work” or “blend that more!” Though I observed without saying a WORD… It occurred to me I am observing an “ARTIST”… I realized how we overlook something right before our eyes. I have always encouraged her to be whoever she wanted to be in life; never knowing it would be an incredible, visionary such as she truly is and continues to be…


Professional Makeup Art Certification  2014  

The Masters Certification  2015


Pro Team Member lebec makeup atelier/LMA  2014

Makeup Artist for Rusk Inc./BabylissPro/Conair  2014

Makeup Artist for lebec makeup atelier/LMA Product  2014

Makeup Artist Assistant for lebec makeup atelier/LMA Product  2012


Ledora D. Carasca – I.E./Ontario, CA

Day Rate & Fees
Cell: 909-284-2399


Web Site:

Makeup Services Available by request

  • Teen Lesson/s
  • Party or Group
  • Theater/Drama Department
  • Actor/Model Comp Cards/Portfolio
  • Photography/Test (TFP/TFCD)
  • Film/Indie/Movie (NON-UNION)
  • Production
  • Character Design/FX (Special Effects)
  • Visual Effects (complete or partial character creation/theme/costume/etc.)
  • Events and more..

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