No students provide professional makeup artistry services.

  • Makeup Application $70.00 (1 person)
  • Makeup Application Group $65.00 & up (2 or more people)
  • Makeup by: Lebec Deweese
    Model (IG @loveme_rileym)
    Photography (IG @thejrwest)

    We request a selfie of our client to see the complexion and face anatomy/features along with an inspiration photo of preferred makeup look. This is mandatory to achieve a personalized makeup application.

    Author Diana
    Photographer Tommie Greaves
    (IG groovy_times_photography)
    Makeup Artist Ledora D. Carasca

    We specialize in portrait, documentary, author jacket cover styled make up applications. Public Appearances, Head shots, Published Personal and Professional makeup application.

    • Event Makeup Application $100 (Public Appearances, Head shots,etc)
    • Published Makeup Application $100 & up

    CASH PAYMENTS for all services in studio or location must be exact change THANK YOU, for choosing us!!

    All CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS must be made in advance for location service dates. For use of any credit card a processing fee will be added.

    We Do Not Offer Refunds or Studio Credit for any of our services, or our professional training programs. As a small business we take pride in what is provided to the public and acknowledge you can choose other types of businesses. We thank you in advance for selecting us!

    Bridal Makeup Application

    Makeup by: Lebec Deweese

    Makeup Application Trials are offered separate from the day of wedding day.  It is recommended to book your appointment on a day you will be going out for a full benefit of longevity.  

    Strip or individual eye lashes are provided with the makeup application or you may bring your own. We suggest that you and your party receiving a makeup application provide us with a waterproof mascara, lip liner and a lip stick that you have selected and purchased to use with your makeup application service and for you to have for touch ups during your event or occasion.

    All makeup services are required to be paid day of wedding prior to the makeup applications preferred cash only (exact change) Thank you!! 



    1. Trial Makeup Application $70.00 (1 person)
    2. Makeup Application Trial $65.00 (2 or more people)


    1. Wedding Day Brides Makeup Application $100.00 (1 person)
    2. Wedding Day Bridal Party Makeup Application $70.00 (1 person)
    3. Wedding Day Party Makeup Application 2 or more persons $65.00 each
    Makeup by: Lebec Deweese
    Makeup/Hair by Lebec DeWeese

    NOTE: Price’s are subject to change depending on service and location. We do not stay for touch ups during the event or on the wedding day.  

    We are a professional mother and daughter team with an ability to provide any request with stellar results in makeup artistry design.

    Please do not hesitate in contacting us for collaborations and concepts!

    Looking forward to working with you Lebec & Ledora send all ideas via text 909-702-0902 or email

    Makeup by: Lebec Deweese


    Makeup by: Lebec Deweese
    Makeup by: Lebec Deweese

    90 minutes with a professional makeup artist to help you prefect your skill in your own makeup applications! Learn how to contour to your face shape, different techniques to sharpen your eyeliner skills, which color range is truly best for your skin tone and/or how to get your favorite shadows to last and have the vibrancy you love. Plus so much more!

    Price of $150.00 is non-negotiable.

    Bring in your own products to understand each ones best intention and how to get the most out of them.

    Diversity is key

    We are proud to offer a range of makeup services and applications to our clients. Specializing in all ages, skin types and ethnicities.

    Copyright 2004 lebec makeup atelier. All rights reserved

    Inquiries for business and corporate rates.

    Lebec DeWeese Professional Portfolio


    4 thoughts on “MAKEUP SERVICES

    1. Hi! The bride is $100 and if you have 1 other person in your bridal party who would also like to receive a makeup application, then it is $65 for that individual. If you have more than one individual who would like to receive a makeup application, 2 or more, then it is $55 for each person.

    2. For the bride on wedding day is $100 and the bridal party $65 per person ? Just want to make sure I got that right. Thank you for your time.

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