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Makeup Application

Makeup Application $65.00
Makeup Application Group $60.00 & up, 3 persons or more.
Prom Makeup Application $50.00 (High School ID $5.00 off) $45.00

Eye Lash Service included by request with no added fee. Bring your own or ask for eye lashes when booking appointments.

Bridal / Special Occasion Makeup Application 

Makeup Application Trails are offered separate from the day of event or wedding day.  It is recommended to book your appointment on a day you will be going out for a full benefit of longevity.  

Strip or individual eye lashes are provided with the makeup application or you may bring your own. We suggest that you and your party receiving a makeup application provide us with a lip liner and lip stick you have already purchased to use with your makeup service and for touch ups.

All makeup services are required to be paid day of event or wedding prior to the makeup applications preferred cash only (exact change) Thank you!! 

Makeup Application Trail $65.00 per person

Makeup Application Trail  3 or more persons $60.00 each

Event or Wedding Day Bridal Makeup Application $100.00 

Event or Wedding Day Party Makeup Application 1 Person $75.00

Wedding Day Party Makeup Application 2 or more persons $65.00 each

Please inquiry for price quote Lebec 909-702-0902 text or call

Price is subject to change depending on service and location. We do not stay for touch ups during the event or wedding day. 

Method of payments Cash & PayPal


We are a professional mother and daughter team with an ability to provide any request with stellar results in hair and makeup artistry design. 

Please do not hesitate in contacting us for collaborations and concepts! 

Looking forward to working with you Lebec & Ledora send all ideas via text 909-702-0902 or email lebecdeweese@gmail.com

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