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12 yrs later and I still love what I do and it shows. All I can say is thank you Lebec Deweese for pouring your heart and soul into me. You invested a wealth of skill and knowledge in me as a Professional MUA, that it all still remains relevant to this present time. It doesn’t matter how many trials I’ve had in my career, mostly due to my personal life, I’ve always been able to bounce back, thrive and soar even higher than before. It’s been 3 yrs since I’ve done make up professionally and according Yelp…I still got it!

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July 25, 2018 —  5 star review

Were to start…? I attended Lebec Makeup Atelier in 2012 and boy did my old way of living change (get it? Because it was 2012 😂🤣 ok nvm) Lebec offered us real world knowledge that go beyond the makeup trends which change and transform constantly. Knowledge that can take you anywhere in any industry, not just the makeup industry. Beyond being a teacher I gained an amazing mentor and friend. Along with the basics of color theory and correction I was also learning so much about myself as an artist. While I always considered myself artistically inclined, taking the leap and joining her class began an ongoing journey not only through makeup but other avenues of art for myself. And that’s the beauty of attending her school over a mainstream trend-based “beauty school,” your own individual needs are adressed and developed through the course of the classes. I am eternally grateful for everything I’ve learned through Lebec. And if you’re still asking if this is the right school for you and you’re in the Ontario area… YES! I am here to tell you this is the best option to develop not just your artistry but your skills as an entrepreneur. This is the place where you’ll be encouraged to step into your magic as your own artist! Thank you thank you thank you! Jedi

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January 20, Kacie reported directly to Lebec

Lebec has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the beauty industry. She is incredibly well-versed in makeup application, photography, hair styling, and much more. Her kindness and professionalism extends to anyone she works with — she communicates promptly and efficiently and has a vested interest in the projects that she takes on. She is a wonderful teacher/mentor and is very thorough; she factors in every aspect of the ideal professional image not only when she is independently working on a project but also when she is teaching.
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February 20, 2016 · 
  • Back in 2012 I spent months looking for a makeup school. I came across Lebec Makeup Atelier and I am so glad I did. Lebec cares so much about her students and she goes above and beyond to educate you. Her one on one teaching makes the biggest difference. I am now a full time makeup artist. I definitely recommend coming here.
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February 18, 2016 · 
  • I learned so much from Lebec. I started with zero knowledge of makeup application and now feel confident as a makeup artist. Lebec is full of passion and love and it really shows in her teaching. I love her style and honesty as well as her heart. She is really able to convey her knowledge and skill to her students. If you are thinking about Lebec as a school – look no further. I found a home through Lebec and I am so happy to be an alumni.
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April 1, 2015 · 

  • Lebec makeup atelier has changed my view for makeup, before I had a passion now it’s converted to a desire to make my passion my career. Thanks to Lebec makeup atelier I have all the tools to achieve my goal. Lebec Deweese (instructor) is amazing not only is she a great mentor and knows everything about everything, I consider her a really good friend and I can trust her. You don’t come around people like Lebec very often, I’m glad I did!
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February 17, 2014 · 

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Lebec Makeup Atelier is the BEST school in the Ontario area.. This January will be a year since i got certified at Lebec Makeup Atelier . Lebec has helped me to believe in myself as a professional Makeup Artist. I always had a passion for makeup and yes called myself a makeup artist just cause i knew how to apply foundation and eyeshadow when in reality i did not know anything about makeup until i took Lebec’s makeup course that made me the artist i am today confident in my work! Lebec has a Great Makeup line that can be used on all type of skins and especially for anyone with sensitive skin. Anyone that is looking for a Great school i will highly recommend Lebec Makeup Atelier.


I love this place!!!!! I wish i could give it 100 stars!

I recently got my certification from Lebec Makeup Atelier. The quality of instruction was wonderful, because classes are often very small, so you receive lots of one on one instruction.

I checked out 2 other schools in the area, and chose Lebec because she wasnt trying to “sell me.” She really cares about giving quality instruction! Her product line is one of the best! I have very sensitive skin, and would break out often with big “name brand” products such as MAC. My skin loves it, and my clients love it, which is fantastic! I specifically had clients request more information about the Lebec product line, because they loved the lightweight feel of it, and didn’t have any reactions to it.

I recently posted up some photos from my makeup training, and all of my friends are shocked by how far I have come, being that im a girl that doesnt wear makeup. They are all asking me how I got soooo good, soooo fast! Lebec has taught me how to do all kinds of makeup, from the everyday woman, to fashion, to drag, to print & television, etc. I too am shocked at how far i have come! I went to her as a complete novice, and now i am completely capable & confident of handling any job that comes my way.

I recommend this place to anyone that is serious about becoming a top notch makeup artist. Lebec is a wonderful mentor, and I am so happy about my decision to take her course.