I love this place!!!!! I wish i could give it 100 stars!

I recently got my certification from Lebec Makeup Atelier. The quality of instruction was wonderful, because classes are often very small, so you receive lots of one on one instruction.

I checked out 2 other schools in the area, and chose Lebec because she wasnt trying to “sell me.” She really cares about giving quality instruction! Her product line is one of the best! I have very sensitive skin, and would break out often with big “name brand” products such as MAC. My skin loves it, and my clients love it, which is fantastic! I specifically had clients request more information about the Lebec product line, because they loved the lightweight feel of it, and didnt have any reactions to it.

I recently posted up some photos from my makeup training, and all of my friends are shocked by how far I have come, being that im a girl that doesnt wear makeup. They are all asking me how I got soooo good, soooo fast! Lebec has taught me how to do all kinds of makeup, from the everyday woman, to fashion, to drag, to print & television, etc. I too am shocked at how far i have come! I went to her as a complete novice, and now i am completely capable & confident of handling any job that comes my way.

I recommend this place to anyone that is serious about becoming a top notch makeup artist. Lebec is a wonderful mentor, and I am so happy about my decision to take her course.